The last post on this blog was back in April. I think that it is time I start getting around to this one again, since I barely started with it. But I’m going to be changing the premise of this one quite a bit. I think that it will be better this way, for this blog and for myself!

Soon, hopefully. Maybe longer.


[Ed. Yes, this is almost a month after the fact, it just took this long to finally post it.]

So today my oldest son said he wanted to go exercise because he doesn’t want to feel physically bad about himself with regards to being healthy. I can respect that because I always feel physically bad about my health too (as I’m about to eat corned beef and cabbage). I say, “Great son, let’s get some workout clothes on and go for a run”. After collecting ourselves we venture off to the high school to do some laps around the track. It was a nice day today, pleasantly warm for mid March – the perfect running weather for veterans and novices alike. I wanted to start him off easy, so we ran a mile. He did well, not to mention myself too. I usually start my running season once summer rolls around and the temperature gets higher, but it looks as if I, er I mean, we started earlier this year.

I’m looking forward to doing this a lot more, and hopefully I can get at least another son to join in. Happy mileage my son!

As I continue to work on this blog, please feel free to visit my original one, Nice Game of Chess.